The Saddest I’ve Been

I’m the saddest I’ve been in a while.
Can’t get to its roots,
I’m lying down on bathroom tiles,
feeling like an rotten fruit.

It’s as if the river got stuck.
And it doesn’t know which way to go.
Feeling like I got hit by a truck.
And I died long ago.

Living as dying remains,
a broken glass that’s never been filled.
And it’s just there afraid,
wondering if it will ever be healed.

I can’t run, I can’t walk,
I can’t talk, I can’t dream.
A board with no chalk.
A creek that can’t stream.

And it pushes people away,
instead of pulling them close
Tired of chasing people my way
Better alone than imposed

And it’s not my fault,
as it’s not theirs either.
I can’t shake this away,
I should’ve never asked to be born.


Unity in Divition

If we are all part of the universe.

And therefore we are all one.

Why do we feel so different?

Why are body and soul so apart?

If a string holds us together.

And all the knots can't be undone.

If we won't be here forever.

Why must we get what we want?

There is really no point in remaining

around what we think is the sun.

If all of our thoughts are so selfish,

Then why has existence begun?



Poem: What I Deserve

It seems like every day is changing,
into things that make no sense.
Shame and guilt keep sinking.
As my body fades.

Decomposed matter is the only thing I could hope to be.
To get eaten away by rats and worms, my true only friends.
If I were you I would hate me too, you see.
I just want to cease to exist.

Dirt is a fair price,
feces my dearest friend.
Nothing more can I long for.
Nothing more I deserve.

Inside I hold the madness.
Inside I live alone.
Stay away, I am worthless.
Don’t let this dirt stain your clothes.

Every day I search for the formula
that would make my nonexistence clear.
Of being filth I’m not worthy.
I deserve to disappear