The Saddest I’ve Been

I’m the saddest I’ve been in a while.
Can’t get to its roots,
I’m lying down on bathroom tiles,
fallen like an rotten fruit.

It’s as if the river got stuck.
And it doesn’t know which way to go.
Feeling like I got hit by a truck.
And I died long ago.

Living as dying remains,
a broken glass that’s never been filled.
And it’s just there afraid,
wondering if it will ever be healed.

I can’t run, I can’t walk,
I can’t talk, I can’t dream.
A board with no chalk.
A creek that can’t stream.

And it pushes people away,
instead of pulling them close
Tired of chasing people my way
Better alone than imposed

And it’s not my fault,
as it’s not theirs either.
I can’t shake this away,
I should’ve never asked to be born.

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