Will Believes in god, Just not the Bible [Dialogue]

Me: So you believe in a god, but not the god of the Bible?

Will: Yes.

Me: Why?

Will: Well, everything comes from somewhere.

Me: So where did god come from then?

Will: I don’t know, maybe this god has always existed.

Me: So you’re saying everything comes from somewhere, yet this god didn’t come from somewhere. That’s a logical fallacy called “Special Pleading.” If the statement that everything comes from somewhere is true, then this god must have come from somewhere too. Otherwise not everything comes from somewhere.

Will: Where did the universe come from then?

Me: I don’t know, but your question is based on the assumption that “everything comes from somewhere” when we clearly don’t know.

Will: So how else did the universe get here?

Me: Maybe it didn’t “get here” and it has always existed, –maybe.

Will: How can something have no beginning?

Me: Well, you didn’t have a problem believing this god has always existed and didn’t have a beginning, so why is it a problem to think that the universe could have always existed?

Will: But how do you know it has always existed?

Me: I’m not saying it –has always existed. What I’m saying is that it’s not required that it must have come from something, maybe it did or maybe it didn’t.

Will: I’m having a hard time believing the universe has always existed.

Me: But you didn’t have a problem believing this god has always existed, I don’t get it.

Will: I just never thought about it that much.

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