Short Stories

Deep Water

They had always been very close, six year old Caleb and his pretty young mother, a perfectly inseparable pair. Caleb’s father Adam was ten years older than his twenty six year old bride. He had cut himself out of the family picture the day little Caleb was born, finding a wife and son to be more of a hassle than a joy. Young Caleb loved his sweet and gentle mother very much, and since they both had no one who cared for them their whole world revolved around each other. They were both very sweet and happy people, but sometimes Caleb’s mother would breakdown mentally. Sometimes he would see her weeping alone in the garden or the kitchen, and he would sneak up behind her and throw his small childish arms around her pale and slender neck, and rest his face in her hair which always smelled of fresh rain or the sweet lavender perfume that she always wore. And after a few moments her sobs would quite themselves, and they would listen to the sounds of the day, the wind rustling through the tall and sturdy trees, the small listless blue birds singing their perfectly timed songs, the distant laughter of the children playing in the house next door, or the slow even ticking of the kitchen clock.

One night as his mother was tucking Caleb into bed he noticed a Serene look in her soft brown eyes, that he had never seen before not even in her happiest moments. He found the look strange since she had been so unhappy lately. He could see a calmness in her eyes, that seemed out of place with the excitement in her voice. And gently leaning forward she kissed his forehead, and told him how much she loved him. And he held her close never wanting to let her go, but she slowly pulled away and turned off his bedside lamp and said goodnight. And in an even lower voice he could almost hear her say goodbye. After carefully closing his bedroom door, she walked quietly down the hall and into her bedroom. She walked slowly towards the bedroom door, and took out her best dress and gently laid it onto the bed being very cautious not to wrinkle it. She then slipped into the bathroom and ran the bathtub water, and after it had filled almost to the top she got inside fully dressed and slit her wrists wide open. Caleb’s father had been working late that night but he arrived about six hours after his pretty young wife had taken her own life. He came in through the back door of the kitchen calling out for his wife and son, but he then realized that they must still be asleep so he decided to wash up before breakfast. And once inside the bathroom he screamed in shock, the bathtub was well filled with now ice cold water, and seemingly all of his wife’s blood. He ran for the phone being careful not to slip on the blood and water soaking the floor.

The funeral was the next day for it was unusually hot for that time of year. Caleb was devastated and could barely stand of his own will, he was mostly leaning against his father. Her body was small and lean in her pale silk dress, and her hair was loosely braided to the side. And there were thin bits of silk tied where she had cut herself. Caleb began to cry violently as he threw open the lid of the coffin, and crawled inside, expressing a deep wish to lie beside her and sleep in her arms forever. Kicking and screaming his way inside a general cry arose, the women where hysterical as the men tried to free the boys fingers from the inside of the lid. And after much force and calming the boy let go, and passed out in his fathers arms. Months went by but little Caleb was never the same. And one evening as he was walking through the woods where he had always followed his mother, hiding from tree to tree he suddenly remembered something that his mother had told him when he was very small. She said that when people die we should never be sad because one day we will all meet again in heaven. So with this in mind Caleb walked over to where he knew his mother’s favorite tree would be, and kneeling down he took a deep breath and smiled, letting himself fall face first into the deep water of the pond, knowing that he would be seeing his sweet and gentle mother again. He was found the next morning.

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