Poem: Heliophile Earthworm

Heliophile Earthworm

In sleep, I contort into the shape of a sickle

Through the window, a zephyr declares that daylight comes

A bath has ended – into a chalice, the dream trickles

Dreams are invertebrates, invertebrates wither from the pounding of drums

The crescent queen melts into the cream of sunlight

Morning manifests, it greets me with a kiss and a bite


Smacking of naked lips dried up and shriveled

The day is born blind and I am born hairless

I am a heliophile earthworm spewing my drivel

Careless, I am careless

Shudders reverberate through a forest of shattered tree trunks

I fondle the light, dirty white, broken into chunks


The naked soles of my feet pound to your strokes

Stiffening fur on the backs of honey bears

Scorched candies of tree bark and oak

The ache of pariahs is stitched into the fabric of my wears

And when the parrot speaks I will overflow

Like an Asian sun, a blaze, a golden glow

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