Short Stories

Short Story: The Friend at The Feast

It was Christmas eve day when he and his wife departed to see his her parents. They were extremely anxious to see their daughter again after their daughter’s husband had suffered a mental breakdown just one month before. The Doctor of the patient thought it best that he should stay home, but his wife’s parents wanted to see their daughter for Christmas. Soon after they had arrived dinner was served, his wife had seated him between her mother and herself so she could keep a close eye on him.

The prayer was then said and the turkey passed around when suddenly he felt a sharp elbow crush into his side as a voice softly whispered into his ear. After a moment’s pause, he let his eyes leave his plate and glanced very quickly next to his wife and sitting there was a long decayed and filthy corpse. His clothes were thin and scarce and his skin was hanging off in long pieces. The fleshless face grinned at him as he settled his decomposing mass into his seat, sitting as straight and bold as a tombstone. The man sat aghast at the unholy image looking around anxiously to see if anyone else could see this atrocity but no one even glanced in his direction. The corpse then bent over, as if picking something up that had fallen off of the dinner table, but to the mans horror he came back up with one of his rotten toes and placed it on the man’s wife’s plate. The man nearly vomited from the intense odor coming from the dish beside him and quickly jumped up to remove it from his wife’s plate before she swallowed it whole.

His wife saw him make a mad dash for the plate and quickly seated him back down. The man then saw the corpse place his reeking hand on his wife’s shoulder and firmly pulling her close to him as he proceeded to kiss her slowly on her face. The man then screamed and threw aside the chair beside his wife in an attempt to remove the corpse from his wife’s face. His wife then picked up the unoccupied chair and pushed it close to the table The man then went into the kitchen for a strong drink, and from the distance of the kitchen he could see the corpse walking around the dinning room table placing his skeletal hands upon the shoulders of the guests and even laughing at their jokes with a bone chilling sound that reminded him of a frightened bird being chased by a wild storm. The corpse then winked at the man from afar, as it lit a cigarette and tossed the still burning match on to the Christmas tree setting it ablaze. The man then came running out of the kitchen with a bucket of water in an attempt to put out the flames.

A general cry arose for the man did not put out the fire merely soaking every present beneath it. He then tried to explain his action but his wife’s parents told him that the tree was not even plug in yet, he then spoke of the cigarette but again they explained that there was not even a smoker in the house. Everyone then took there seats for desert. By now the corpse had ceased playing games and merely sat staring blankly at the man with empty sockets filled with sheer darkness. But a little later on, the corpse grew restless and decided to play one more joke. The corpse walked slowly into the kitchen and grabbed a long knife from the kitchen counter and came back out into the dinning room were everyone was finishing their desert. The corpse then walked softly over to the man’s wife and plunged the long lean knife into her back. Horrified at the corpses actions, the man then seized the knife from the corpse’s fleshless hand and proceeded to slit his own throat. And as the man slowly slipped into complete darkness, he could see the corpse’s grinning face slowly fade away.

Written and Submitted by: Twilight Garden 93

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