Poem: Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

Awakened from a night in a curious dream

I had fallen into the holes of my mind

Where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts

Where I’m with myself and there’s nowhere to hide

I doubt the very existence of sanity

It seems madness is my only true freedom

I’m now a run-away child, starting a circus

A ritual for the random, a mad kingdom

There stands, the trap door into my fantasy world

Where I fall into the warm depths of numbness

To a Landscape of wax melting before my eyes

A World of color and magic, night and oneness

A Carnival of delights and childhood aromas

I walk through, deaf and lost, hoping for myself

Grasping at floating lights and feeling for a hand

Searching for a door that would take me somewhere else.

Beacons of red and blue seep through a glowing fog

Carnival music suspended in mid-air

Reality is immovable and rigid

This place is moldable, this is my real world

But insanity, though malleable, can trap you

I’m reminded of this as I spiral down

Further than any man would dare, into abyss

A moment in nothingness, no colors, no sounds

And I feel my kingdom falling into quicksand

My circus smeared into a blend of colors

My fantasy dissolved into a mud puddle

My world, my whole world, gets smaller and smaller

Closer and closer the walls collapse and tumble

The ground is shifting, trying to swallow me

I”m Swept off and flushed down a tunnel of faces

Clinging and fighting to deny reality

And I fall

Fall back home

Back to where I least desire to be

Awakened from a night in a curious dream

By reality herself, fingers around my throat

I check my reflection to prove I still exist

And I see myself still searching

Still searching for hope

Written and Submitted by: Cmatbola

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