Poem: Eleos Turned

Eleos Turned

You will lose everything you ever loved
and it will bring you fulfillment.
You will ignore your children from afar
to bring you closer in yourself and in your heart.
You will feel the strand of love strengthen
like the tensing of piano wires. You will breathe, yes,
you will breathe with the wind of ignorance
to the fact that nothing will stop the rising and falling of her chest.
Stale wonders will lose you, blending in.
n a crowd like an abuser fingering in a whorehouse,
and you will be the devil
who remembers all the wrong trails
of blood lust, and so you shall die
a short life in painless confusion.
You will grow young awkwardly, expand
rather than wrinkle, your skin will ache
and health will freeze in your lungs
cooled by every sleeping breath
and each worm will become a fruit
for which there is no seed or truth
and I will make it my quest to forgive you
to forget every wicked act, every rotten
word, and when I think of you.
I will imagine a desert sun, you standing
on a lectern in the center, and when I run the sand through my fingers,
I will listen as the grinding of grains erode you away.


Written and submitted by: Christopher

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