Short Stories

Short Story: “The man in the window”

“The Man in The Window”

Tap tap tap was all that he could hear in the varied darkness of his moon lit cabin. As he causally lit a bitter cigarette, exhaling just as slowly as he inhaled the air light smoke. After wondering for a little while what these sounds were he ventured towards the window and screamed in horror! For he thought he had seen a ghost for a fraction of a second he thought that it was a rather bad reflection. But upon further inspection, he could clearly see that he was face to face with his own ghost.

My god! He moaned in shock what could such a horrific thing mean? It was as if he had suddenly seen into a near future and came into contact with his own soul. He reeled backward and crashed heavily into a near by chair wailing in terror when suddenly the ghost disappeared… He then realized that this was his end but what foolishness! He thought angrily what could have possibly made me think such nonsense! Still in the back of his mind he felt this unshakable sense of fear.

He removed himself from his chair with forced courage, and quickly glanced in the direction of the window and in the corner of his eye he saw himself again, only this image of himself was old and finely dressed in his best suit. So you are I ? He spoke aloud within touching distance of the man in the window. I have come to to tell you to change your current existence the man in the window spoke aloud in an deep and ancient tone. For you have made an old man out of me at a very young age. But how? Cried the young man now sitting back in his chair. By smoking those terrible cigarettes! Screamed the man in the window, and with this, the young man in the chair fainted dead away.

Written And Submitted by: Twilight Garden 93

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