Blog: Too much time in your hands


Having too much time into people’s hands can be disastrous. I always say people who battle with a bad habit should have a plateful of things to do, or they will go back to said habit. For me personally, too much time gives me time to write, and I love to do so. Too much time for me is always an open door for something new, or an open door to pick up old hobbies. Honestly, I do not want to make this post about me at all. I would like to share what –I have learned and accomplished so far in my 33 years of –life career.

I have never been a prideful person, at least not excessively. But I have picked up very bad habits in the past, such as smoking, which can kill you. I managed after 10 years of going through a pack of cigarettes a day to zero smoking. How? It was pride. This is probably the most important decision I have ever made in my life. For someone with a bad habit such as smoking, knowing that this habit might kill them, but yet they cannot seem to overcome it, it is hard to accept. I used to cling to the idea that maybe it would not kill me, since not all smokers get cancer, or another desease.

What helped me quit smoking was a strong sense of pride that overtook me. In a few words, my mother was getting me cigarettes, which was embarrassing as it is. I was not working because of a very bad metal illness that I was wrestling with at the time. So, my mother, influenced by her boyfriend told me I had to find somewhere else to live, and that she was not getting me cigarettes anymore. For me it was unbelievable just to hear those words coming out my mother’s breath. I was so deeply hurt, and I said “okay, that’s fine, I’m gonna find somewhere else to live and I am also quitting cigarettes. I don’t remember if I actually said the words out loud, but I surely felt the oddest feeling I ever felt in my life. It was pride, it must have been; or, perhaps a miracle from God.

It’s been a little over two years since then. I moved to a different state, pay my own rent, and have not smoked a cigarette since then. Maybe this story doesn’t speak much to you, specially if you have never dealt with an unhealthy addiction. Now I write, vlog, work, cook, exercise, and specially — I no longer smoke.

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