Poem: “The flowers that adorn the pavement”


“The Flowers That Adorn The Pavement”

The flowers that adorn the pavement
are the the things that I hide inside.
The mind clearly foresees enslavement.
And pushes my tainted fear aside.

When she cries tears of sorrow.
When she bends her knees and pray.
I can only think of tomorrow.
But she can only think of today.

She is thinking about leaving.
She is planning to throw me aside.
Without her I cannot go on living.
Without her I rather die.

Every time I think of how it would be,
to have nothing but my own self,
Each time I die by my cup of tea.
And my body lies on the shelf.

At this point nothing makes sense,
as though existence just disappeared.
The old dog jumped the fence,
and I burn my grey beard.

Please someone shake me.
Time must be stopped at this hour.
Can somebody please WAKE ME.
All that I am is just a coward.

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