Poem: “As I Walk Away”

walk away avatar

“As I Walk Away”

The more I walk away, the more I walk into it.
Seems like there’s no escape, there’s no security.
I can’t embrace the void, I can’t run from it.
The dreams I have are an impossibility.

The roof will eventually fall on my head.
The walls around me will inevitably squeeze me.
From one and thousands of thoughts I have bled.
The things that I’ve tried just won’t please me.

There is no escape, and that’s for certain.
And I can’t stay in, there’s no choice.
I just hide away inside the curtain.
I only wish there was at least one choice.

I’m just ready to die inside.
Or I must be in hell cause I feel already dead.
There is nowhere to peacefully hide.
I just wish I could drop dead.

But I don’t really hate life.
I surely and possibly only hate mine.
I only wish that in myself I was not inside.
I don’t hate existence, I only hate mine.

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